Securing your Products

Securing your Products

Customers need to feel secure when using your products. Let PSG help you build security in with one our solutions

  • Assessments
    • Security Maturity Assessment
    • Regulatory Readiness Review
    • Application Penetration Test
    • Security Threat Modeling & Architecture Assessment
    • Open Source Software Review
    • PSIRT Tabletop Exercise
  • Programs
    • Build and/or scale an SDL
    • Build DevSecOps integration
    • Build a vulnerability disclosure program
    • Build a security champions program
  • Staffing
    • Run your Appsec program
    • Run your security champions program
    • Run your PSIRT process
    • Coach Threat Model & Architecture Review
    • Be your virtual Chief Product Security Officer (CPSO)

Protecting your Data

Protecting your Data

Customers and regulators need to feel confident with the why and the how your product processes data. PSG provides a full range of privacy engineering solutions to assist you

  • Assessments
    • Privacy Maturity Assessment
    • Regulatory Readiness
    • Data governance review
    • Privacy Threat Model & Architecture Assessment
  • Programs
    • Build and/or scale a privacy program
    • Build a privacy engineering practice
    • Build a privacy champions program
  • Staffing
    • Run your privacy program
    • Run your privacy champions program
    • Be your Data Protection Officer (DPO)
    • Be your virtual Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)

Advising your People

Advising Your People

Your team may not be security or privacy experts and needs access to the SMEs to drive your security and privacy roadmap. PSG provides a variety of advisory services that will suit your needs

  • Quick Answer Service
    • Appsec
    • Privacy
    • Infosec
    • Physical Security
  • Retainer
    • 3/6/12 month retainers at .25/.50/1 FTE increments in all fields
  • Managed Services
    • Run your Appsec program
    • Run your Privacy program
    • Run your champions programs
    • Run your PSIRT
  • Leading your teams
    • Virtual Chief Product Security Officer (vCPSO)
    • Virtual Chief Privacy Officer (vCPO)
    • Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)
    • Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Hiring your teams
    • Candidate vetting services

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