Privacy Engineered

What is Privacy Engineering?

The short answer is that privacy engineering is the technical side of the privacy discipline. It was born out of the concept of privacy-by-design and serves to turn legal and regulatory privacy requirements into the technical realities that will help ensure compliance and customer trust in your products collection and use of their data.

How can PSG help you ensure the privacy of your products?

Privacy Design Workshop Data Design

Privacy Design Workshop

Data & Designs

PSG’s Privacy Design Workshop provides a thorough assessment of your product’s privacy design and potential external data & regulatory threats.

We will produce a detailed Threat Model based on the LINDDUN methodology, a privacy architecture report with findings and recommendations in 8 core privacy engineering disciplines, and an externally facing report you can share with customers and partners.

Fast Build

Fast Build

Privacy Engineering Program

PSG’s Fast Build Privacy Engineering program provides a complete 8-part set of tools and processes that can quickly be adapted to your product privacy risks. PSG will get you up in running with a dedicated Privacy Engineering program that can meet those customer and regulatory requirements, in many cases in less than 30 days.

True-Up Privacy Subscription


Privacy Subscription

Building off our Privacy Design Workshop, PSG’s True-up Privacy Subscription provides a quarterly update to your product privacy assessment that reflects the recent changes in your product, new privacy enhancing technologies (PETs), and the potential impacts of new external privacy requirements.

Want to discuss your product’s security and privacy?