Safeguarding your Family and Your Assets

Security services for privacy and peace of mind

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Product Security
Personal Security
PSG provides discrete concierge security & privacy services to High Net Worth individuals, Family Offices, Executives, Venture Investors, and Entrepreneurs in New England. Whether it is securing the technology at your home in Greenwich,  a security system recommendation at your vacation home on the Vineyard or responding to an issue with your boat stationed in Kennebunk, PSG knows New England and is here to assist.

Personal Security Group’s Approach

As both cyber and physical specialists, we understand you have a variety of people and assets that need safeguarding both digitally and physically. We offer private client security & privacy services that can help.
Advising Your People

Safeguarding Program

PSG unique approach blends cyber security, physical security, and family privacy to create a custom-tailored program to safeguard the assets that you value most.

Custom Programs can include:

  • Cybersecurity assessments on your sensitive data and infrastructure
  • Privacy & online reputation management
  • Physical security assessments of your homes, aviation, and maritime assets
  • Travel safety, intelligence, & training
  • Financial exposure assessments & monitoring services
  • Staff & relationship vetting
  • Family protective services
  • Collectibles risk assessment
Protection from hacking and security threats

Response Services

PSG’s blended set of experts and trusted partners can provide discrete response services to clients across of variety of cyber and physical security issues. With a focus exclusively on the Northeast, our response professionals can be at your doorstep in most metro New England areas within 2 hours1 to provide the support you need.

Services include:

  • Ransomware, Identity Theft, and Account Take-over recovery
  • Doxing and on-line reputation issues response
  • Surveillance and Technical Countermeasures (TSCM)
  • Travel recovery & re-patriation services
  • Complex financial fraud and forensic accounting
  • Civil & Corporate Investigations
  • On-demand protective escorts & drivers
  • Private event & showing security services2