How to Answer that Security Questionnaire: Five Tips & Guide

Perhaps you’ve received an email with a security questionnaire attached? Did your heart sink when you saw hundreds of rows in a spreadsheet, each populated with a different question regarding the security posture of your organization? Yikes! What do you do with this inquiry? Why are they asking you all these questions? At PSG, [...]

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Enough Security, Part III: Harsh Words and a Story

Enough Security? Harsh Words and a Story Time to finish up the code walk-through. In our last post, we ended with the concept of “best use of capital”. What I am describing is the concept that the company should be investing its resources (capital) in the places where they reduce the likelihood that [...]

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Enough Security, Part I: Projecting Your Inner Coder

How Much Security is Enough? Projecting Your Inner Coder Why this topic? As many of you know, I am the co-chair of the Mass Technology Leadership Council CISO group here in Boston, and when we were working on 2020 programming, we solicited our partner CTO group for topics that they would like to [...]

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