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We are happy to announce we have just completed the much anticipated salary study for the rest of New England ( outside metro-Boston ). Let’s go over the highlights:


  1. Coverage – This study covers from Portland, ME over to Burlington, VT down to New Britain, CT over to Providence, RI and up to Manchester, NH.
  2. Stamford, CT – This was a bit tricky. In many ways it was more like NYC than the rest of New England. Our suggestion is folks use the Boston ladders instead of the New England ladders for Stamford/Greenwich CT.
  3. Northern Maine – To be honest, we were unable to get much in the way of data north of Portland, ME so the cities of Augusta and Bangor maybe slightly different.

Salary differences compared to Metro Boston

  1. CSO( No change over Metro ) While one would expect there would be great variation in the salaries based on the geographic spread, we found there was little variation from what was paid in Boston. That said, there were far fewer folks carrying the CISO title outside the metro area, so we might have a small numbers challenge. Also, we found many of the the security leaders were carrying the Director-level title outside the metro area which tended to have the security leader at a Vice President level.
  2. Business Security Manager – ( 80% of Metro ) – The main challenge with this data was low numbers. These folks generally exist in larger security organizations and there were few of these organizations in this region ( save Hartford/Springfield Insurance and orgs in Stamford, CT )
  3. Information Risk  – ( 90% of Metro ) – This was second only to infrastructure security in the number of data points. Additionally, it was one the closest  (save the CSO ) to the metro salary. We speculate this maybe due to the fact that this tended to be the lowest paid function within the cyber security space.
  4. Infrastructure Security – ( 80% of Metro ) – This was interesting. This function had the largest number of data points but represented one of the greatest deltas from the metro area.
  5. Product Security – ( 90% of Metro ) – Similar to the BSM role, this was a low numbers challenge. There were not a lot of these roles outside the metro area. That coupled with the general scarcity of these resources likely led to the small delta compared to the metro Boston salaries
  6. Physical Security – ( 93% of Metro ) – To be honest, we were not surprised by this finding. Physical folks, unfortunately, do not tend to get paid at the same level of their cyber peers and the modest delta likely represents the cost-of-living differences in the various sub-regions of New England.


We hope folks find this information helpful. Again, here is the link  – Security Ladders

PSG Team