Advisory Services

Why Advisory Services?

Finding answers and help for those security & privacy requirements can require endless web searching, calls and emails, or negotiating with multiple vendors with a specific expertise. Meanwhile, that customer or regulator is waiting for a definitive answer that you are not sure you have, or is maybe months away from completion. Having a strategic advisor who can navigate these requirements and get you timely answers could be the difference in closing that deal, avoiding a regulatory fine, or public disclosure.

How can PSG get you the answers & help you need?


Engage an Expert


PSG’s subject-matter experts (SMEs) will host a virtual 3-hour “Ask Me Anything” workshop. The SMEs will answer questions from your team around security & privacy topics of your choice, ranging from application security, information security, security operations, risk assessment, compliance with regulations like PCI or ISO/SOC2, privacy engineering, privacy practice, physical security, or business continuity.

Retainer Services

Engage an SME


PSG’s subject-matter-expertise (SME) retainer service provides on-going short-term access to the cross-disciplined security & privacy expertise you need to meet those requirements with confidence and at a price point that fits your budget.

Stabilize during a transition

Engage a CISO


PSG’s Engage a CISO service provides short-term access to a full-time CISO to stabilize your security program through a transitional period and assist you with the hiring of new security leadership. Unlike a virtual or fractional CISO (vCISO), no long-term contract is required, as our expert’s goal is to setup your organization for future success and step aside once the new team is in place.

Want to discuss your product’s security and privacy?