Bring Security and Privacy to Your Products

Assure your customers, partners and regulators with expert product security support and guidance


Product Security Group’s Approach

As both product and risk people, we understand your customers’ demands for new features that are secure and protect the privacy of their data. We offer a variety of services that can help.

Application Security

Challenged getting your SDL deployed or scaled? Need a pentest, struggling with DevSecOps or building your first Threat Model?
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Privacy Engineering

GDPR or CCPA got you worried? Need to understand the privacy requirements based on the data you collect in your applications?
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Advisory Services

Need a quick security or privacy question answered? Need longer term help, managed services, or a temporary leader of your team?
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Secure Development Lifecycle Scaling

PSG’s security maturity assessment and leadership allowed us to align our teams and move forward with scaling our SDL and creating a security champions program. This engagement improved and solidified our security culture allowing us to better protect our customer’s data.

- Appsec Leader, VC-backed software vendor

CCPA & GDPR for Products

As a growing SaaS provider, we needed to lean on an expert to help us with both GDPR and CCPA data regulations.  PSG provided the necessary knowledge and leadership to get privacy-by-design practices embedded into our engineering and product teams .

- General Counsel, SMB SaaS Provider

Virtual CISO

Our company needed to re-build a security team starting from the top.  We brought in Marc from PSG to act as the interim CISO.  Marc was able to simultaneously run the group, fill the open positions and mentor the team, which set us up for success moving forward.

- CIO, Publicly traded software vendor

Security & Privacy Resources

App Sec 2020

So, You Want to Be a CISO?

Managing Director Marc French discusses his BSides Boston talk on “So, You Want to Be a CISO, But Do You Really?” Slide deck included!
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The Appsec CISO

Listen to Security Journey’s Chris Romeo discuss with our Managing Director, Marc French, the ins and outs of being an Appsec CISO.
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Giving Back

We share valuable expertise and materials for the security community on our open-source Github repository. Click on the link below.
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